To give the opportunity for you to discover, understand or improve your knowledge of your favorite cloud platform, the NoR Webinar series presented a set of introductory sessions starting on the 20th of October 2023. From data discovery and access to advanced data processing services, algorithm hosting and sharing, the sessions walked the audience through interactive platform demonstrations and relevant use-cases illustrating the different platform capabilities and the workflows and applications that can be built using them.


Introduction to ADAM data access and exploitation16/02/2024
Introduction to openEO platform09/02/2024
Introduction to GEOHAZARDS thematic exploitation platform26/01/2024
Introduction to ELLIP platform19/01/2024
Introduction to ONEATLAS platform12/01/2024
Introduction to EDC EOXHUB15/12/2023
Introduction to EDC SENTINEL HUB01/12/2023
Introduction to WASDI platform10/11/2023
Introduction to FORESTRY thematic exploitation platform03/11/2023
Introduction to POLAR thematic exploitation platform27/10/2023
Introduction to EARTHCONSOLE platform20/10/2023