As an open and transparent ecosystem, the NoR welcomes providers with operational resource or platform tier services hosting EO data to apply for participation to offer their services for interested parties and sponsorship requests by project owners. Currently an open call is running with a final deadline June 30th, 2026. Under participation and supervision of ESA, eligible providers are selected through an ITT (Invitation to Tender) process for onboarding their services into the NoR portfolio.


Interested entities need to reside with their businesses in one of the ESA member states. Economic operators from one of those member states, who are fulfilling the specific and general eligibility as detailed in the open call documents are welcome to apply for participation through the tender process.

Request procedure

To participate in the currently running open call, interested entities can access the open publication with the general headlines and instructions to access the open call tender documents (see link below). An easy to create registration in ESA-STAR is required. Once registered and downloaded the tender documents the interested entity can submit specific questions. The finalised tender documents have to be sent via email to:


Once the application is uploaded the consortium under supervision of ESA as a tender evaluation board will start the review and evaluation of the application. The offering entity will be invited for a clarification and negotiation meeting which is usually done digitally. After a successful clarification and negotiation meeting the consortium will start the onboarding process to the portfolio platform. The evaluation process before onboarding takes usually not more than 30 days.


Onboarded providers have declared through the tender process to support the NoR ecosystem and the effort of the operating consortium. To measure the success of the NoR initiative and community it is essential to get feedback after onboarding in first hand. To this end, the provider should periodically provide pre-defined uptake reports to ESA.